Cornell Notes Template

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Cornell Notes - How to Take Better Notes and Study More Effectively

Topic: Cornell Notes System

Date: 03/15/2021

<aside> ❓ Essential Question:


<aside> 💡 Cues


  1. What are Cornell Notes?
  2. Advantages and Use Cases of Cornell Notes
  3. How to take Cornell notes?
  4. Subsequent Testing and Review

<aside> 🖊️ Main Notes


  1. Top Space — Subject Particulars.
  2. Right Hand Column — Main Notes.
  3. Left Hand Column — Cues.
  4. Bottom Space: Summary.

<aside> 📌 SUMMARY:


It may sound simple for the first time, but it is not that easy. Your notes also have to be reviewed time after time to be the most relevant. But it definitely worth it, if you want to have structured, beautiful, and fulfilled with knowledge notes.